Arthita Ghosh

I am a 2nd year M.S. student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, where I am specializing in Machine Learning.

This past summer (2020), I worked as a Software Engineer Intern at Salesforce, as a part of their Search Discovery and Insights Team, redesigning and optimizing the UI architecture for Einstein Search.

I am also a part of the Georgia Tech Database Group, where I am working on the SQLCheck project, advised by Joy Arulraj.

In what seems like a previous life, I used to play basketball for the West Bengal State Team, India and Steel Authority of India Ltd., India.

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Selected Publications and Papers
3DSP Interactive Demonstration of SQLCheck
Arthita Ghosh, Deven Bansod, Arpit Narechania, Prashanth Dintyala, Su Timurturkan, Joy Arulraj.

47th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, 2021
3DSP Exploring Network on Chip Architectures Using GEM5
Arthita Ghosh, Ankita Sinha, Nancy, Arindam Chatterjee.
Keywords: NoC,Simple network,Garnet Network, Cache coherence, Snoopy protocol, Directory based protocol, GEM5
16th International Conference on Information Technology, 2017
Selected Projects
3DSP Acceptometer: Conference Paper Acceptance Prediction
Arthita Ghosh, Neha Pande, Rohan Goel, Rohit Mujumdar, Sai Shravani Sistla.
Keywords: BERT, TF-IDF, PCA, Support Vector Machines, Latent Dirichlet Allocation, Clustering.
Machine Learning, Spring 2020. Georgia Tech

Prediction of chances of a paper being accepted to a conference by using unsupervised methods to find patterns in the data and exploring its underlying structure, through tasks like topic-modelling and clustering.

3DSP Modeling and Clustering Genome Sequences using Bidirectional LSTMs
Neda Tavakoli, Lane Dalan, Richa Tibrewal, Arthita Ghosh, Harish Kupo KPS.
Keywords: Genome, Bidirectional LSTMs, supervised learning, deep learning.
Big Data Systems and Analytics, Fall 2019. Georgia Tech

Used Bidirectional and forward-backward LSTMs to create embedding vectors for genomic sequences. These embedding vectors were then run through various clustering algorithms to group genomic sequences to provide insight into what sequences play similar roles or can be found in similar contexts.

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3DSP Virtual Private Network using IPSec
Arthita Ghosh, Beno Jeya Savarimuthu, Harrison Banh, Richa Tibrewal, Vaibhav Bhosale.
Keywords: VPN, Proxy Server, IPSec, OpenSwan.
Computer Networks, Fall 2019. Georgia Tech

Created Custom VPN using IPSec and OpenSwan hosted on an AWS Cloud Environment.

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Academic Achievements
  • Secured 98.9 percentile in CAT 2018 among 200,000 test-takers.
  • Graduated with a departmental rank 3 among 130 students from HIT-Kolkata.
  • Teaching Assistant → Automata and Complexity under Dr. Zvi Galil, Georgia Tech, Fall 2020.
  • Teaching Assistant → Continuous Algorithms under Dr. Santosh Vempala Georgia Tech, Spring 2020.

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